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HS869 rear stand seat

Grandstand seat

HS869 rear stand seat

HS869 rear stand seat
1.Back and seat pad shape and size 1, accord with human body engineering principle, with the core material used polyurethane cold foam shaped sponge, wool and linen fabrics with high quality flame retardant fabric, wear resistant, dirty, comfortable, stable and durable.
2, handrails and fittings using a class of steel plate molding welding, seat back, seat cushion and the support of the connection is reliable, flexible movement.
3, the seat seat using automatic (electric) platoon overturned, stand up, stand up can automatically lock, when the power can also be manually turned up and down.
4, the seat armrest: beautiful, generous, feel comfortable, can be folded together with the back pad. The handrail panel is made of a numerical control machine tool and is carefully painted.
Each seat is a seat in the striking position, arranging seats firmly installed in the seat will not break off phenomenon.
HS869 rear stand seat

Seat structure
Seat with shared handrails, split flap seat. The foot is made of aluminum alloy die-casting, the surface of the phosphating treatment after the spray (or paint) treatment, never rust, with M10 × 80 expansion bolts and stadium stands fixed. Seat color according to user selection.
HS869 rear stand seat

Seat parameters
Installation: side hanging type, flat ground floor type
Size: seat height 800mm, seat cushion depth 420mm, cushion width 450mm
Cushion chair surface 450 × 420mm seat back pad width 440mm back pad height 446mm back cushion 440 × 446mm
Center distance: 470 ~ 500mm
Style: split seat (flap chair), chair spring return (near the back), chair legs can even arm
Appearance: nice, comfortable seat, reasonable structure, strong strength
Ingredients: Polypropylene M02
Chair: high-quality aluminum die-casting forming, installation; vertical, hanging, (with spring flip).
Fixed: M10 × 80 expansion bolts fixed

Seat assembly drawing:
Schematic diagram of seat installation:
HS869 rear stand seat
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