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Auditorium, theater luxury seats

Grandstand seat

Auditorium, theater luxury seats

Auditorium, theater luxury seats
1, seat selection of red beech laminate is 16 mm thick, spraying the surface of polyester paint.
2, the choice of high-grade red beech wood handrail (by dehydration processing), surface spraying polyester paint; and provided with high strength hidden writing board.
3, the back seat cushion with polyurethane high resilience foam seat cushion, density: 56 kg /M3, 45 kg /M3 density of back cushion. Back cushion, seat cushion are high-grade fabrics.
4, the cushion turn up configuration automatic slow up device, the audience from the seat, the seat is automatic slow and powerful back, back to the process of no impact and noise, maintain the mute effect of the conference center.
5, according to the back curve of the human engineering principle form design, comfortable seat, the introduction of Italy polyurethane (PU) high rebound cushion production high pressure foaming machine, high density, strong resilience, long seat cushion thickness, elastic deformation; and, therefore, sit feeling very comfortable; soft, luxurious appearance, Bao Fengman crisp; elegant.
6, the seat and the ground with expansion bolts fixed, solid, stable, beautiful.
Auditorium, theater luxury seats

Seat structure
The outer seat plate with 15 mm thick red beech laminate, spraying the surface of polyester paint, side seal plate with three + red beech plywood laminate, spraying the surface of polyester paint, a skeleton by stamping +5 root "S" type spring 2 mm thick plate of high quality cold feet, and adopting 2 mm thick high-quality cold plate stamping forming, all metal parts have been rust, phosphating electrostatic spray, double protection, to ensure that never rust.
Auditorium, theater luxury seats

Seat parameters
Installation: side hanging type, flat floor landing
Dimensions: seat height 800mm, seat cushion depth of 420mm, seat width 450mm
Cushion chair surface 450 x 420mm seat back pad width 440mm back cushion high 446mm back cushion 440 x 446mm
Center distance: 470 ~ 500mm
Style: split seat (turn board chair), chair surface spring reset (close to the back seat), the chair can be connected to the arm
Appearance: beautiful, comfortable seat, reasonable structure, strong strength
Material: polypropylene M02
Chair legs: high quality aluminum die casting forming, installation mode, vertical, hanging type, (with spring).
Fixed: M10 x 80 expansion bolt fixed

Seat assembly drawing:
Schematic diagram of seat installation:
Auditorium, theater luxury seats
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