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The ice rink fence board

Simulation ice rink

The ice rink fence board

The ice rink fence board

Cost advantage: compared with the real Bing Bing field, simulation rink construction costs only about 1/4 of the ice, greatly reduce the cost of;
The site is not affected by the ice rink advantage: simulation area, limitation of location, environment, convenient installation, indoor and outdoor can be flexible; performance can cover all kinds of landform, slope, pipeline and desktop;
Safe and durable: ultra high molecular material, good durability, self lubrication, unique connection, perfect glide, marking embedded, simple and beautiful, UV treatment, solid and durable;
Time limit: 365 days not affected by seasonal temperature, free to enjoy the fun of sliding;
Beginner stage: continuous flat surface to help beginners to establish confidence, suitable for advanced training for young people;
Green environmental protection: zero energy consumption, pollution reduction.

The ice rink fence board

Seat structure

Based on ultra high molecular weight polyethylene plate, after multiple mixing and processing technology, the addition of other elements in long chains of molecules, without changing the abrasion resistance at the same time, increase the molecular mobility, molecular displacement more orderly, smooth surface.

In order to enhance the performance of the slide, this board to add a special synthetic agent formula, the material surface friction coefficient and other physical properties such as true ice, fluency can reach 95% of true ice. The product itself does not contain toxic substances, non-toxic harmless to the human body, green environmental protection, material recycling, remodeling, re-use.

After professional equipment testing, according to each month (the same position for 6 hours of continuous friction) 1.7kg ice chip calculation, the loss of only 20 1mm. Self repair: a unique arrangement of physical molecules, the use of industrial 4 technology will be pressurized polymer, with memory properties, ice can be automatically slow to repair scratches. In the process of using, the ice will produce self lubrication effect, the longer the use time, the higher the smoothness of the ice surface.

The ice rink fence board

Seat parameters

Maintenance simulation the ice is very simple, you need to do is to clean it, the simulation must be cleaned frequently: the ice rink 1-2 times a week, outdoor ice rink simulation 2 times a week; according to the environmental conditions of daily use, only one person, every day with ice special cleaning equipment cleaning to two can no longer do any other maintenance work. Before cleaning the entire surface, large pollutants must be removed with toxic chemicals, because it may affect the material gliding function especially small cleaning rink, can use some special cleaning machine, with some ordinary hand tools for cleaning can be simulated on ice big can buy the machine clean and cleaner should be the preferred disk cleaner, because when they clean more clearly the structure of the material, if necessary, by sliding solution after Isoglide cleaning effect best glide.

Seat assembly drawing:
Schematic diagram of seat installation:
The ice rink fence board
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