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the synthetic trend of popular all the word and its feature
the synthetic trend of popular all the word and its feature
Author: Da Ni Sportsdate:2017-04-07


In Some provinces, skating has been included in the test subjects, coupled with the arrival of the Winter Olympics in 2022, the simulation of ice skating rink is definitely a new investment opportunities, seize the opportunity to identify products to find suitable suppliers. Our products have unique advantages in price and connection. Please believe, absolutely not the cheaper the better, the ice throughout the year and both indoor and outdoor use, without any restrictions on climate, temperature and other natural conditions to install wood in all kinds of cement, asphalt, quick installation, flat ground, without refrigeration power consumption, convenient assembly and disassembly operations in the process of zero emission, no pollution. The total investment is less, only about 1/5 of the artificial ice system, for ice sports facilities entered the stadium and all kinds of middle and primary school created a solid foundation. The utility model is convenient for maintenance and can be recycled and used again after use.

1, low friction coefficient, equivalent to the friction between ice and ice, allowing you to enjoy the fun of the real ice.
2, ice skating rink using a mobile simulation ice skating without ice refrigeration equipment, greatly saving the cost of electricity.
3, mobile simulation ice skating board density, light weight, easy installation, easy disassembly.
4, mobile simulation ice skating free maintenance, no waxing, oiling.
5, the mobile simulation ice skating board using the assembled design, seamless connection, the installation will not naturally fall off.
6, simulation ice skating board is easy to maintain, not affected by temperature.
7, the simulation of ice skating with outstanding impact resistance, stress cracking resistance, wear resistance, long service life.

Beijing DANi sports equipment limited company to provide the construction of ice, ice skating rink Simulation &grandstand  seat one-stop solution. The simulated ice skate board is a removable and movable ice plate, which is not influenced by environment, temperature and humidity.