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application of synthetice ice rink
application of synthetice ice rink
Author: Da Ni Sportsdate:2017-04-07

(1) Beijing DANi simulation ice hockey, figure skating, ice rink for school winter sports training and competition etc.. Not only in the ice on the teaching, you can also dance can be moved to the ice, the perfect combination of sports and art.

(2) Beijing DANi movable skating rink can be built in urban parks, tourist attractions, shopping malls. Our skate board can be used in conjunction with other projects. For example, you can use it in a company event, an ice ball or a knockout. The ice may give you unlimited love, skating people throughout the year may become free skating.

(3) the floor of Beijing DANI ice skating rink has the characteristics of quick assembly and disassembly, convenient movement and so on. It can be used in the opening ceremony, the large-scale product conference, the small performance, the big dance party and so on.

Beijing DANi sports equipment limited company to provide a simulation of ice ice skating rink construction, simulation & seets one-stop solution. Simulation of ice simulation, economy and environmental protection, has zero energy consumption, high adaptability, convenient disassembly and other advantages, can be used in indoor, outdoor