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The NO 1 simulation ice rink  in the world
The NO 1 simulation ice rink in the world
Author: Da Ni Sportsdate:2017-04-07

The world's first ice rink in the simulation of the Disneyland simulation of the ice rink in the United States Disneyland , Central Park  the use of public places of entertainment, the National Women's specific skating team also take it as a training field.

Project features: cool, entertainment, fashion, vitality; site selection, convenient installation, convenient operation and maintenance convenient, energy saving and environmental protection, low investment and high return.

For city parks, tourist attractions, large supermarkets, high-grade residential, stadiums, schools, cultural units, stage performances and other fields, suitable for all kinds of ice sports and games (such as figure skating, speed skating, curling, hockey, etc.) as well as festival performances, fashion hair cloth and all kinds of entertainment activities, traditional skates and the skates and the equipment can be used, and it almost felt like ice.

The simulation of ice by special synthetic material, not affected by temperature, season, weather and place constraints, -30 -60 DEG C temperature, any site conditions can be installed; compared with the current ice rink of investment, investment in fixed assets only really ice 1/3 ~ 1/10, and the daily operation management cost can be saved by more than 70%, fast recovery of investment; South Korea, US patent, patent pending China......

Beijing DANi sports equipment limited company to provide a simulation of ice ice skating rink construction, simulation &grandstand seat one-stop solution. The ice has high simulation, economy and environmental protection, zero energy consumption, high adaptability, convenient disassembly and other advantages, can ues indoor and  outdoor