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FAQ of skating in synthetic ice rink
FAQ of skating in synthetic ice rink
Author: Da Ni Sportsdate:2017-04-07
1, Q: can also be used in the simulation of the general skating shose ?

Answer: you can, the general use of roller skates on the rink is also applicable to Beijing DANI product.

2, Q: if the ice rink scratches do? Is it possible to fix the ice rink?

Answer: you do not need to worry about scratches. Scratches will always appear evenly, and will not affect the function or appearance of the ice. The ice rink are made of high-end materials, are only scratches in the surface, it will never grow to under the surface. In the first few weeks of use, the ice rink than ordinary ice, there will be more of the surface material is scraped, this is because the manufacturing process, the surface of the first layer is more soft because of it. Theoretically, we can repair the ice rink, but after a few hours, the ice looks will have scratches; it also lets the repair steps become no longer necessary. 

3, Q:synthetic ice rink can be used outdoors?

Answer: Yes, the Beijing DANi artificial ice rink installation can be applied to any weather conditions in the outdoor environment.

4, ask: if there is rain or snow situation how to do?

Answer: rain or snow will not cause any harm to the ice rink. Also, rain or snow will not reduce the actual function. When it snows, it can only be carried out by removing snow.

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