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Difference between synthetic ice rink and real ice rink
Difference between synthetic ice rink and real ice rink
Author: Da Ni Sportsdate:2017-04-07

The construction of the ice rink to include a suitable construction and high cost of construction, and all the equipment maintenance requires very professional and high operating costs. Artificial ice appears most early in the last century in 60s, then after continuous development, now the artificial ice skating rink and really feel has no much difference, but only the construction cost of artificial ice ice 1/4, and is not limited by the area, location and environment, rapid installation and disassembly in both indoor and outdoor the seasons of the year, small maintenance costs.

Specifically, compared with the traditional Bing Bing field simulation has the following five advantages of ice:

Low cost of acquisition: 800 square meters, for example, the real Bing Bing field cost about 700-800 million, less than 3 million of the simulated ice can have a complete set of equipment.

The operation cost is low, the management is convenient in operation on the Bing Bing field: it is divided into two parts: 1 refrigeration unit 2 whole vehicle repair ice ice. Disposable ice is completed, also need to invest huge electricity refrigeration and the whole vehicle, a whole vehicle price need about 1 million yuan, but the real ice rink every 3-4 hours the need for an ice rink, ice making period is not operational. Only the minimum ice and the simulation in the maintenance staff can be accomplished without power. In the case of Swiss think fast ice products, daily cleaning is to use vacuum cleaner to suck ice on the ice, to ensure smooth ice surface, and then use the machine to walk on the ice. Finally, it is possible to apply 2 times a month to the surface of the mop on the mop, and then drag over the ice.

True ice skating rink needs cooling facilities, reinforced concrete surface layer, the site requirements, construction is more difficult

Smooth smooth, quality experience: Simulation of ice technology can reach up to 96% of the true ice similarity. Polymer durability technology to ensure that even if the ice plate bearing high intensity training is still outstanding performance. Friction is very large, very helpful for strength training.

Flexible assembly and disassembly, easy storage: really ice in the outdoor, short-term activities, hot weather is not well used, and have special requirements on the mall property, according to the real ice ice simulation cannot build, whenever and wherever possible requirements of the venue (such as field requires large pipeline construction hollowed floor laying ice skating at the mall), the cost is too high, becoming one of the best alternative solutions. The ice is also applicable to the summer, can be used in schools, shopping malls, stadiums and other activities, all kinds of places, the area can be adjusted at any time according to customer requirements.

Location advantage: Simulation for any ice level ground, including the smooth marble brick laying and outdoor mall ground, not space, season and temperature, can be ice sports training time.