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The key is to do serious research and development of simulation ice"
The key is to do serious research and development of simulation ice"
Author: Da Ni Sportsdate:2017-04-22

2017 Beijing World Women's curling championship tournament runs smoothly, more than half of the audience warmly. As before the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics important event exercise opportunity, the organizing committee secretary general, director of the Beijing Municipal Sports Competition Management Center Shao Xiaojun in an interview with the preparations for the tournament and the subsequent promotion plan.

Reporter: the women's curling World Championships organizing work through what steps?

Shao Xiaojun: the event 2015 bid, hosted by Beijing for the 2022 Winter Olympics is to create atmosphere, two is held by the world's top curling curling tournament will do some preparations for the 2022 winter olympics. The preparatory work began from that time, the State Sports General Administration of winter sports management center, China Curling Association, Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau in the personnel structure and financial security, operation and management of the work are given full support, specific competition by the Beijing Municipal Sports Competition Management Center led. The Organizing Committee of the game is the ten center, the entire operation of the team to reach more than and 120 people, plus volunteers about more than and 200 people. We have a lot of preparatory work for the construction of venues and facilities in the capital gymnasium. The International Association of pot gave us a high evaluation and affirmation.

Reporter: volunteer work arrangements are like?
Shao Xiaojun: Volunteer Recruitment is divided into two blocks, one is the event of professional volunteers, and the other is mainly responsible for the audience to guide the ordinary volunteers. The overseas to Beijing International pot 14 staff, the team of 84 people, as well as the television broadcast team of more than and 100 people around the volunteers, volunteers are the bridge of communication.

Reporter: the world championship is held in order to accumulate experience in the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, 

improve the ability to do the game, do you think from the world championships to learn what?

Shao Xiaojun: Although we hope very much, but our team will not undertake the 2022 Winter Olympics curling is still unknown, I can only talk about some of his own from this event learned. All the work around the game has a detailed and careful plan to summarize the key words are "serious"". We and other countries in the management model, operation planning, program development and implementation of a lot of different. We have to learn from the business ability, and secondly, we should strengthen communication and coordination with international organizations, sports teams, and finally in the promotion of a lot of harvest.

Reporter: what will be the end of the game after the event?
Shao Xiaojun: after the world championships will be held in a youth championship. Because of the high cost of production and maintenance of the ice, we are actively developing simulation ice, the cost of production is the real ice 1/10, maintenance costs are real ice 1/100. The company is willing to invest for curling project, we also give some preferential policies.  In Yanqing, Beijing is also preparing to set up a winter training base.
Reporter: in addition to the competition, Beijing is currently hosting other winter project competition plan?
Shao Xiaojun: ice hockey, Kunlun Ice Hockey League to participate in the mainland has landed in China, is building ice arena. The North American Hockey League is also actively negotiating with us through intermediaries. By 2019, around 2020, with the completion of the Winter Olympics venues, will host a large number of test and adaptation.